COVID-19 is changing the way we work as we respond to an evolving situation.  We must ensure we are capable of working in a way which is fully compliant with the latest social distancing and government advice.  Having conducted a risk assessment appropriate to our business, we have set out what actions need to be taken in carrying out our work in a safe manner.  We note below our advice to customers on servicing arrangements which include our regular requirements for mobile servicing together with new advice specific to Covid-19.  Generally these guidelines also apply to repair or inspection visits.

For the work to go-ahead, East coast Scotland caravan services staff will not be symptomatic and we expect that the customer or members of the customer’s household will not be symptomatic of the virus.

Preparations for Our Arrival

* Caravan or Motorhome to be sited on a solid, level area with at least one metre access all around the vehicle.

* Access to water to be provided and, if possible, a power supply.

* Remove all items in cupboards and lockers both to avoid the need for touching and allow ease of access for the engineer.

* If easy to do so then upholstery should also be removed to allow freedom of movement and to reduce any contact by the engineer.

* Please allow space for our servicing van to be parked close to your vehicle so that it is not in a public area or can be taped off safely to avoid any contact with members of the public.

* Customer to have no physical contact with caravan for 72 hours prior to our visit.

* Our engineer will remove security devices if fitted.

* The damp report will be limited to areas that the engineer can easily access without moving any obstructions.

On Arrival and During our Visit

* We shall telephone you when we arrive and give instruction on procedure.

* We will be wearing gloves and face coverings when appropriate.

* Stay at least 2 metres away from the caravan/motorhome and ourselves avoiding unnecessary contact.

* We will have a UV sterilisation box into which your keys can be placed.

* The vehicle will be spray-treated internally with Steri-7 disinfectant prior to work starting inside.

Paperwork, Payment and Vehicle Handover

* We shall telephone you when the service has been completed or we need to discuss any problems or additional work required.

* It is recommended that the customer does not enter caravan/motorhome for 72 hours after the visit.

* Security devices will be replaced by the engineer before departure to avoid unnecessary customer contact with the vehicle.

* The servicing paperwork and invoice will either be left in the vehicle or can be emailed to the customer as no signature will be requested in these circumstances.

* Payment can still be made either by card or cash but preferably as an online bacs payment. We will utilise the UV box to facilitate exchange of necessary money or card machine.

Thank you